The best of economy class

Increased profile thickness

The plus series which are a version of ECOLINE60 with increased profile thickness provide economical solutions as well as ensure the highest heat insulation standard in its class.


Save fuel up to 40%.*


*There are many factors affecting such values.
The windows' being single glassed, double glassed and
triple glassed, the correct application of mounting
and silicon and the insulation of the surrounding wall
are of great effect for this.


• Plus series with increased profile thickness offer stronger windows and doors, and ensure improved heat insulation.

• The smooth and bright surface of unique whiteness is the perfect choice for every place.

• Elegant glass lathes that befit to every kind of decoration.

• Integral double gasket feature (3 gaskets, if demanded) guarantees a house free of dirt, dust, rain and howling of wind.

• The optional single, double and triple glass applications free your house from the noise of the urban life.

• 3-pane profile system of 60 mm width enable the most economical heat insulation under the most severe climate conditions.

• It is designed in such a manner which ensures application of superior safety measures against burglary.

• Thanks to its smooth and bright surface, it is easy to clean it as well as the dust keeping level is minimized by means of supporting with anti-static material.

• It is manufactured by combining long-life raw materials for ensuring it to accompany you for long years.