Easy using features of sliding and unrivalled solution

Our LINE80 sliding door and window systems will be your fist choice to create the most modern living quarters.

The smooth movement mechanism sliding through the aluminium rail and double-side opening feature of 80mm width are the greatest advantages of it.





• The smooth and bright surface having an aesthetic appearance is a perfect choice for every place. 

• Elegant glass lathes that befit to every kind of decoration.
As per demand, the single, double and triple glass applications free your house from the noise of the urban life.

• This is an unmatched door and window system integrating your modern indoor living with outdoors in mild climate conditions thanks to its double-side opening of 80 mm width

• It is designed in such a manner to ensure the best safety measures against burglary.

• Thank to its smooth and bright surface, it is easy to clean it and the dust keeping level is minimized by means of supporting with anti-static material.

• It is manufactured by means of the combination of long-life raw materials to accompany you for long years.