Details of life are united with the aesthetic

Our LINEX70 series, combining superior heat and noise insulation performance with modern lines, stand as a candidate for being your new favourite in your architectural projects.


  *Up to 45 % savings in fuel consumption


  *There are many factors affecting such values.
The windows' being single glassed, double glassed
and triple glassed, the correct application of mounting and silicon and the insulation of the surrounding wall are of great effect for this.


• Two different sash options, aesthetic appearance and a very unique smooth and white surface.

• Elegant glazing beads that accompany every decoration.

• Integral double gasket feature enables a house free of dirt, dust, rain and wind.
Optional single, double and triple glazing applications free your house from the noise of the urban life.

• 5 Chambers profile system of 70 mm width enables the most economical heat insulation throughout severe climate conditions.

• It is designed to ensure the best safety measures against burglary.

• Thank to its smooth and bright surface, it is very easy to clean. The dust holding level is minimized with the support of anti-static material.

• It is developed to enable the application of the best hardware available.

• It is manufactured by bringing together the highest quality raw materials to accompany you for many years to come.